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Hysen, is one of leading firms in manufacturing life paper product in Hong Kong. We equipped 8 automatic production lines and have professional personnel for daily operation. Hysen has built up strong and interactive partnership with our customers as like as Property Developers, Hotel Management Groups, The Government Departments, and Railway Company.

Hysen, is also the member of HKGCC and FIHK that devotes in social and business fairs, and provides services and opinion to the industries. In commercial market, Hysen has sustained development and built up sound image and goodwill. Strong and giant customer infrastructure is the core value for Hysen to explore retail market in Hong Kong and China. Our vision is to extend good product for public enjoyment.

Hysen, owns local and international brands,i.e. Kingly, DeerBaby, Kingly and Hysen, Royale, Hygenex, Kingtex.Particularly in Kingly product, the products are high quality and competent price; it is the preferring brand by customers.

Our total commitment to our customers' success is rewarded by their continued trust and loyalty. It's no wonder that over 93% of our business comes from repeat customers, like you.

To our existing customers, we would like to extend our gratitude for making
Hysen the largest. And to our new come customers, we would say "Welcome!"